Hola, I'm Paula.

One day I had and awakening: I understood that my body is a temple and that planet earth is a sacred place. So I started living more aligned with my true nature, seeking a “green” and more natural lifestyle, minimizing my ecological foot print and getting healthier.  At 16 years old I became vegetarian because I did not want to be part of cruelty (no leather, fur, animal tested products and so on),  it was also good for the planet and for myself. In that moment a deep spiritual search began, and  I got into Tai chi, Yoga, Mind Control (The Silva Method) and Transcendental Meditation (TM), among other practices . 

When I was six years old I had  heart surgery, and many people thought that I would lead an extremely passive life. Fortunately, I overcame that congenital heart condition (I never had symptoms , surprising all the cardiologists  that have treated me) including  one of the most challenging moments of my life, delivering a baby. I can also tell you that it’s really strange for me to get sick, and if I do so, I recover extremely fast. I never have any trouble sleeping. I never  have digestive problems. My weight is stable. I always have energy, good amounts of energy. During the pregnancy I never felt sick, nor bad symptoms or cravings. I taught over 200 yoga classes with my huge belly. After 9 months I had a healthy happy baby girl. I got back into my normal weight in just 3 months. And back into my super active life in less than 2 months. 

I can attribute all this to my lifestyle. I’ve been a nutrition nerd all my life. I’ve earned an associate in food science in the year 1998. I’ve been eating healthy plant-based food since very young, practiced yoga and meditation for the last 20 years and have done all sorts of sports, keeping myself always active. I have never smoked or used any types of drugs(I never wanted to contaminate my body). I minimize the usage of medication, taking medicine only in extreme situations. I eat a healthy balanced variety of yummy  homemade food. And i am a very positive human being, I believe in the power of my mind.

I can have sweets or wine from time to time with no regrets. Because it is not about a specific diet, it is about your lifestyle. And it is also about a positive attitude and a healthy mind. I truly believe that health emerges when your acts, your thoughts and your heartbeat resonate in the same tone. 
 And this is why I will share all my secrets with you, because I have been on this path of integrating my mind my body and my spirit for  over 20 years. I know from a personal experience that if you follow these good tips you can be healthy and  happy too. 

Thanks for reading my words.