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Mi objetivo es ayudar a las personas a alcanzar una vida más saludable y feliz a través de diferentes herramientas que proporciono como HEALTH COACH, incluidas prácticas y hábitos físicos, nutricionales, mentales y espirituales.


The modern desktop lifestyle and fast-paced world is harmful to our wellbeing over time. Yoga can alleviate stress, enhance focus, increase productivity and boost energy. Yohanna teaches a Vinyasa yoga practice focused on the mind-body-spirit connection. Modifications will be offered to suit all levels of practitioners.


An experience to inspire and empower the participants to boost their wellbeing and take actions towards their goals. Yohanna will share her story and methods for living a balanced and vibrant life, rooted in self-love, purpose and joy. We will explore how to achieve optimal wellbeing through tools and practices, designed for a busy everyday life. 

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Bienvenidos a Pau’s Secrets ! Aquí voy a compartir nuevos videos cada semana sobre Vinyasa yoga, yoga prenatal, Mommy and baby yoga, comida saludable , recetas, y todos mis secretos para llevar una vida mas saludable y mas feliz. Espero que disfruten de los videos. Gracias! Con mucho amor, Pau

I have been taking Pau Secret  yoga classes for a while including the times I was pregnant, her classes are so enjoyable and at the same time tough enough to leave you with a good feeling of accomplishment. Her website has classes for everyone and they are both in Spanish and English.

Miami Florida

I did take a meditation class with Paula and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. She is an amazing teacher, very knowledgeable! I have taken lots of meditation classes online and locally but she is really remarkable!

Andrea Varodi
Miami Florida

Yoga with Paula is worth making a priority in your busy schedule. I have practiced yoga nearly 20 years in many cities and I continue to take her classes because she is knowledgeable, patient, compassionate and has no ego … all the things you want in a yoga instructor! Paula is beautiful inside and out!

Sarah Doyle
Miami Florida


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